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"We could have made only one belief, but for each peoples we have appointed different laws and rites, so instead; compete in good works and argue kindly;  for there is no compulsion in religion."  Qur'an 2:256, 5:48, 22:37, 29:46
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"A Brief Illustrated Guide To Islam" is the major book used by Salafi/Wahabi's to suck naive people into it's quicksand of hate and anger and intolerance and eventually, for those unfortunate few, terroristic violence.  See the book "My Jihad," in our cyber tour, by Aukai Collins, for a true life story of a journey to becoming a mujahideen followed by disenchantment.  In this case, however, Collins journey took place before this book was first pubished.  He lost a leg from his Chechen Jihad, eventually woke-up when he discovered innocent tourists were being murdered in Egypt, then went straight to the FBI. Many Salafi sites feature "A Brief Illustrated Guide To Islam" as their best offering for "learning" about Islam.  Here is an example of Dar-us-Salam's, a major Salafi website, feature page on this best selling book.  A look in the back of the book will show you lot's of Salafi based, "further info" referrals. 

The book is a semi-professional and slick presentation, a wolf in sheeps clothing, filled with referances to the Golden Age of Islam; it's sciences, great achievements, tolerance and so forth.  It presents the Islam, as strived for by the worlds vast majority of Muslims, as a path of anti-terrorism, tolerance, human rights, justice and human brotherhood.  It is filled with pictures of all the glories of this age.  It is a very effective book to HOOK societies marginalized and troubled and give them a sense of belonging to a new and DIFFERENT and better world.  Those who are angry and with chips on their shoulders are especially vulnerable, because only a few clicks away are those second and third stage Salafi Mujahideen websites where you can find letters from and praise for Osama bin-Laden.  It is such a great fraud because this golden age would never have occured by their ideaology, their "scholars" consistently opposing its means.

"Apostates," like this webmaster, Muslims who have become Kuffar are considered worse than anyone.  Ibn Tamiyyah, their hero scholar, rejected by most other Muslims, recommends for those of us Muslims who have become Kuffars;  that not even our women and elderly be spared:

"The second group consists of apostates (murtaddun) who return to their infidel ways, like some Arab tribes, Persians, and Romans. These murtaddun are worse than the original kuffar. Therefore, fighting them is obligatory if they do not return to Islam and no peace agreement nor a covenant of security can be given to them. Their prisoners are not to be released, their food is not to be eaten, the Muslim man can not marry their women, and they are all to be fought and killed whether they have engaged in fighting or not, even their elderly and women."  (commentary on Tamiyyah by Muhammad El-Halaby)  Copy and paste the last five words of this quote and
visit this page to see for yourself. Put the paste into your find feature, often under edit. 

Abu-Khaliyl, one of the editors, of this book, the guest on Intercambios tonight is a translator of Ibn Tamiyyah and other Salafi "hero's" like Shaikh Ali Hasan al-Halabi.  He is often paired with Salafi, Muhammad Al-Jibaly,  of the Quran and Sunnah Society.  He is found mostly on Salafi, gateway, stage two and even stage three Jihaad sites as a quick google of Khaliyl, salaf will show.  At, (takes forever to load) for example, can be found one of Abu Khaliyl's translations about who it is obilgatory to hate.  This site is one of the better examples of a Salafi stage three hate site, where you can find that whole spectrum of Salafi terrorism the media's have decided for you, that you don't need to know about.  You'll find why suicide bombing is Islamically legitimate, why it's o.k. to kill women and children and even the full text of Osama bin-Laden's declaration of war ordering ALL Muslims to kill Americans, "whereever you find them."  These stage three hate sites have no shame; this one's site motto proudly heading its starter page is: "Jihaad and the rifle alone: no negotiations, no conferances, no dialogues."  And the Jihaad at this site announces it is directed at BOTH the Kufar AND the Munaafiqeen (Muslims who don't agree -- like this webmaster).  How do we know this is a Salafi site; because it's the Title at the top of the page: "Upon the way of as-Salaf us-Saleh."

Salafi and Wahabi, "ideology" is the path of almost ALL of the major terrorists today; as many of us Muslims have been warning about since well before 9-11.  On January 7, 1999, ISCA Chairman Shaykh Hisham Kabbani in a public speech before the U.S. Deptartment of State, warned this about the bin-Laden Salafi/Wahabi extremeist style of Islam:

"Because they are very active they took over the mosques; and we can say that they took over more than 80% of the mosques that have been established in the US. And there are more than 3000 mosques in the US. . . .

I am trying to sacrifice and give something to the Americans in order that they understand that there is something coming up slowly, we don't know where it is going to hit, it might be here, might be outside, might be any country, and might affect the interest of the United States."
This site has the whole speach here.

Most Salafi literature is either coming out of Ridiyah, Saudi Arabia, or is financed from there; but they are quickly changing that.  There are two primary clues to tell the difference between a Salafi Mulsim and most of the rest.  Those "on the Salaf," always speak in the name of ALL Muslims, never failing to let you know it is ONLY they who have the AUTHENTIC Islam, the true, the real and etc.  While most Muslims are always careful to tell you they are only speaking for themselves.  As Eric Hoffer points out, like all "true believers" of any ism, most of what they are depends on the FACT, that everbody else is wrong.  Consequently, the second tip-off is their constant use of the words Kafir or Kufar: "KOO-FAR."  This is especially noticable among African Americans, who have, tragically, been very hard hit.  They've simply replaced the MF word for Kufar.  Sadly, new converts often get overwhelmed by all the emphasis on what is correct and incorrect; because when you are on the Salaf, there are literally thousands of ways you can mess-up and invalidate your prayers or whatever.  Thus "Salafi-burn-out" is a commonly heard phrase when suddenly, the new Muslim is no longer around.

Does the Media have some agenda, covering up all this seemingly HIGHLY newsworthy material so easily found?  Why does almost no-one know about all these terrorist sites?  Does 2,750 pro bin-Laden Muslims in Austin Texas who advocate opposing the system ". . .by any means neccessary," not seem like the stuff of nationwide headline material?  Why when Intercambios invited this webmaster onto his show did KSKA mangement say not to have him on, and then when their minds were changed no advertising of the event was allowed?  When this webmaster tried to submit compasses to the Daily News to simply offer our deep appreciation for Anchorages support of its Muslim community; there was no interest.  Of many attempts made by radio, press release, our publicized appreciations were turned down until we were forced to pay for a display advertisement.

In short, the same situation is awash all over.  When "certain media or others want a public question and answer on Islam, they always seem to choose a Salafi, if possible.  Those of us who are protesting suicide bombing or terrorism are seldom heard from.  Has anyone heard about the Palestinian woman who handmade a memorial 9-11 quilt with ALL OF THE VICTIMS NAMES, which was on display in New York? Most importantly, why does the media never refer to these terrorists as Salafi or Wahabi terrorists. Was Timothy McVeigh a Christian terrorist, David Koresh?

Many of us think it is NOT accidental that what Salafi/Wahabi's do and say is made out like this is Islam itself, or the average Muslim.  Fortunately, after 9-11, much of the public has wised-up, and this agenda is working less and less; and fortunately, being used less and less.

Take our cyber tour  click here  where you can visit Salafi/Wahabi links to see for yourself the true side of this hijacking of Islam.  See for yourself what the media's and talk shows are refusing to tell you, so they can instead make it look like what SALAFI'S advocate is ALL Muslims; instead of the tiny but dangerous minority it is .  You'll see for yourself how sucide bombing is "justified", even of women and children, how and why one should raise sons to desire EARLY matrydom, why this tiny group should hate so large a portion of our 6 billion+ people.  Why it is even more important to kill the "bad" Muslim (most of us).
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Why the book: "A Brief Illustrated Guide To Islam", is refered to by this webmaster as a the gateway to hate in the name of Allaah and a great fraud upon the innocent?

Who is Abu-Khaliyl?

What are Salafi/Wahabi's?

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What is the media's AGENDA, by covering up these crucial and easy to discover facts?
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