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"We could have made only one belief, but for each peoples we have appointed different laws and rites, so instead; compete in good works and argue kindly;  for there is no compulsion in religion."  Qur'an 2:256, 5:48, 22:37, 29:46

Alaska Humanity News Dishonest?
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The difference between "some" muslims
are sympathetic to extremist theology
what I actually said "many"
is a crucial difference Homeland Security
or the current Scotland Yard
would be happy to explain!!!

For their August 2005 edition, Alaska Humanity News, a new local free monthly, chose to do an article about islam in Anchorage which they headlined "Alaska Muslims Avoid Conflict".  This response to their article claims the Alaska Humanity News told the interviewees one thing and did another, that their article was agenda driven, it's content pre-determined before their interviews were done and their requested leads were never honestly pursued.  At least two of the three interviewees complained to Robert Howk of their personal problems in dealing with so many angry muslims who sympathize with extremism and/or violence.  The Somali, another of the three of us interviewed,  told this webmaster he was always having problems in phone calls even to his family members back home in trying to defend his position against extremist fundamentalist ideas. 

On the inside front cover of their newspaper they list among ther goals:  "to identify misunderstood and poorly represented issues, and to find a response that is healing and transformative, that stimulates life, and that reforms institutions."   Islam In Alaska claims that islamic fundamentalism is a VERY main issue the public wants honest answers about.

Alaska Humanity News did not report any where near the truth from the information and interviews available to them.  The article and their response to our complaint shows they never had any intention to do so from even before that started.  The interviews were done and the leads offered were pursued only to the extent they coud be USED or TWISTED to back up their agenda already pre-determined.

Islam In Alaska also claims its webmaster offered suggestions in reference to the papers stated goals of a response to these issues that "is healing and transformative, that stimulates life, and that reforms institutions."  Ignored totally; infact no where in their article DO THEY even offer any "response" at all.

My claim, as the evidence I will soon publish I believe tends to support, is that the Alaska Humanity News unfairly, dishonestly and cruelly added unneeded risk to my life, in order to use me in the typical methodolgy often used by professional journalist's to add emphasis to a positive spin on the lead person by "creating" a second person to serve as the implied bad guy or negative guy, or at minimum a sort of opposite guy, etc.  The standard psych maneuver by subtle implication of creating a good versus evil scenario.

There is already online a full 6 minute portion of the actual telephone recording of the so-called final verification phone call by Robert Howk to "make sure" he was quoting me correctly.  I claim that from the extensive misquoting, outright lies and out of context spinning by implications that I have experienced from most of the local media's; especially the Anchorage Daily News; and the clear warning signs from my first two telephone conversations with Robert Howk, that he had no intention of even trying to honestly represent me; in that case I claim I had a right to record his final so-called verification call to me. 

At last the public needs to hear an actual sample of how dishonest the media can be when interviewing "certain" people.

I will be publishing the editors written promise to me before the interview that he would not do such a thing to me; plus my before publications email correspondences so the online reader can see just how much information this "newspaper" had and what they could have done.

I feel the evidence will at minimum support that I was extremely wronged by the entire staff of the Alaska Humanity News by spinning me into a negative person who tried to denigrate islam without much basis even with inaccurate population statistics.

If one listens to the full six minute portion of the Robert Howk verification call one can actually here how he had tried to constantly spin me, constantly putting words in my mouth, taking me out of context, and just plain outright lying to me.

The problems we are having in this world today already have many have solutions all around us but no one can hardly see them because of our super negative insecure compensatory driven egotistical personalities that dominate our medias; with an emphasis on the word dominate.  The power of domination in any form, including deception, for any reason, as Goethe wrote( a secret great admirer of islam), will never ever bring about a loving world; "Love does not dominate, it cultivates."
As the New Testament so agrees with islam: on the last day we will all be suprised as the ". . prostitutes precede the preachers [an these self-appointed media do-gooders] into heaven."  The future world of ". . .on earth as it is in heaven" will never happen from power or truth dominating the rest of us --- heaven on earth can only evolve; as I believe most sacred scriptures, especially the Qur'an, clearly imply; by the willingness and trustfulness of those who are WILLINGLY led NOT RULED.  This is why one of the primary meanings of the arabic word for "ruler of all muslims", Caliphate means one who is trustworthy, or the trustee of G-d (my personal preferred spelling as well).
As pointed out, the solutions are all around us and in the most suprising forms ---  Alaska Humanity News not included!!  Here's just one example:

Where can one find the best living local Anchorage example of what an ideal islamic society would look like?
Take a walk into either of your two local Costco's; a peacefully, exemplary "highly agressive" capitalistic corporation; where most common work-folk would rejoice to work at.  What does one see there?  All different colors and faiths of people happily and joyfully working together, steadily increasing the market share of one of the favorite corporations for Wall Street to criticize.

There are more and more examples.  One of our better-selling American Muslim authors today is Yahiya Emerick who wrote "The Idiots Guide To Islam."  Is he still willing to admit, that some time ago before he was "in the limelight" he once wrote such a daring statement???

''The light of Islam has been put out in the Muslim world and has been reborn in the heart of the secular faithless West. (Allah is truly great!)''

webmaster August 2005;

Thank you for visiting with us, as-Salaamoo Alayeekum (or, peace be with you)
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Islam In Alaska Challenges
Alaska Humanity News
To Submit To An Independent
Process Of Arbitration!!

Were They Fair To The Interviewee??

Was The Article An Honest Reflection
Of The Interviews And The Leads Offered??

Did The Article "Identify Misunderstood And Poorly Represented Issues" Concerning Islam In Anchorage??

I predict they are cowards!!
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Read them for yourself; the real difference between who is positive and who is negative between the two primary muslim letters to the editor writers in Anchorage,  al-Hajji Frederick Minshall and shakur-abdel-Haleem.

I begged this paper's editor and Robert Howk and told them how they could likely easily get a hold of Mr. Minshall.

A fair article on Islam In Anchorage would show represtative samples of the whole range of muslim individuals here in this town.  One will notice by the dates and years of publications of my letters; including my letter published in Englands internationally read paper The Guardian, that I have never before tried to enhance myself by ever before publishing even one of these letters to this website.
To listen to a 60 second 56k modem version, to actually hear how an actual typical agenda driven dishonest interview really works, click here

To listen to the full 6 minute audio portion from the longer telephone call by Robert Howk to verify accuracy, and the multiple lies and out of context spins;
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