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"We could have made only one belief, but for each peoples we have appointed different laws and rites, so instead; compete in good works and argue kindly;  for there is no compulsion in religion."  Qur'an 2:256, 5:48, 22:37, 29:46
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Hatred In The Name Of Allaah Page

Here are our first links to genuine Salafi/Wahabi "styled" hate sites.  We will try to post more new sites as we find them, there are lots.  We will do our best to update the links, likely to be changed frequently since Salafi's seem to prefer to operate BEHIND YOUR BACK, while presenting themselves to the public as though they were those peace and tolerance Muslims ALL THE REST of us remaining one billion or so Muslims try to be. Please remember to ask your local media's and talk shows why they refuse to tell you about these sites or to call these "people" Salafis/Wahabi's instead of blaming the AVERAGE Muslim for what is being said by Salafi's.  Remember also that many of us Muslims have been trying to alert the public to the dangers of these, our co-religionists. 

On January 7, 1999, ISCA Chairman Shaykh Hisham Kabbani in a public speech before the U.S. Deptartment of State, warned this about the bin-Lauden Salafi/Wahabi extremeist style of Islam:

"Because they are very active they took over the mosques; and we can say that they took over more than 80% of the mosques that have been established in the US. And there are more than 3000 mosques in the US. . . .

I am trying to sacrifice and give something to the Americans in order that they understand that
there is something coming up slowly, we don't know where it is going to hit, it might be here, might be outside, might be any country, and might affect the interest of the United States.

Here Are Some New Links 
Well Published American "Revert" To Islam Explains
The Three Contenders For The Hearts Of Today's Muslim's:
Salafee's, Sufi's and Modernists'
Click Here

Should Today's Muslim's Look In The Mirror
"The Institutions of a society mirror the society itself. Thus America, one of the most vibrant efficient societies in the world, also has vibrant institutions. Pakistan, a corrupt country to the core, too has its reflection in the lethargic and corrupt institutions.  It is no wonder then, the Muslims being the laziest and most apathetic society in the world should have its organisations reflect them. Lets take just the mosques for now, but this is true of all Muslim run organisations in the UK." to read the rest, click below:
Article By A Leading UK Muslim Website

Osama bin-Laden and Salafi Islam: More Than a Mere Terrorist Threat
Michael Fredholm, The Analyst, October 24, 2001
(Defence analyst working for the Swedish government.)

Saved Text Click Here
A Guardian Article On Salafi's
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Salafi Purist teaching backed by Saudi royals
Another more thorough Guardian Article
click here

The Virtues Of Martyrdom;

read #1478, a Saudi-Salafi Khutbah (sermon) intended for mass distribution
Click Here
or, browse on your own to see what else is available on this site created just for this mass distribution of Salafi incitement propaganda
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World Famous Salafi-Saudi Fatawa's

Why Saudi-Salafi's Prohibit Women From Driving Automobiles
Click Here

Why Salafi's Permit A Foreign Soil Temporary Marriage, For The Purpose
Of Sex, As Long As Deceptive Intent Is Kept A Secret

Click Here

Former Top Salafi-Saudi Cleric, bin-Baz, Famous Earth Is Flat Fatawa.
"Jiryan Al-Shams Wa Al-Qammar Wa-Sukoon Al-Arz."

Chief Cleric of Salafi And Saudi Islam Declares Under Threat Of Punnishment That
This World Is Really Flat, Not Round Webmaster's Note: We will be posting the actual Fatawa
as soon as possible.  The New York Times Article is on 12 Feb. '95, page A-14

Only Infidels Use Toilet Paper
Are Those Who Have Abandoned Toilet Paper
Food Prepping Your Favorite Salad Bar?

The Superiority Of The Bare Hand Explained.
Here is a link explaining the "superiority" over Christians of those who no longer use toilet paper. To do your own Google study here are some key words:  "Performing istinja' by water: When cleaning oneself from feces one pours the water on the outlet and rubs with one’s left hand until the najas-filth is removed. This makes the place tahir."  Please remember though, this insanity is only practiced by our very small, but  unfortunately growing, percentage of extremeists.

So, What Is A Lota??
Learn why extremeist Islamists keep "plant waterers" in their bathrooms.  A short narative from one of the larger "Islamic" websites.  These are the "kind" folks who wanted to "thank" McDonalds Corp. for being the first major fast food chains to offer Halal Chicken Nuggets.  So when a vegetarian Hindu sued McDonalds, because of its oversight that they still used a trace amount of beef extract flavoring in their French Fries, Sound Vision wanted a share in the "take".  They conducted a major slam McDonalds campaign for months to strong-arm their way into "muslims" being included in the distibution of the millions.
Donate nail clippers? 
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These Are The Original Links:
Visit 2,750 Muslims from Austin Texas
who believe in opposing the system
". . .by any means neccessary."

Click Here

Read the most popular article on this hate-site on
why to bring up children to desire matrydom.

Click on "Raising Mujahideen" Here

Suicide bombing IS TOO Islamically legitimate
saved page click here

Killing woman and children permitted
saved page click here

Women and elderly MUST be killed
type apostates into your edit/find function on your browser to find this paragraph
saved page click here

People who believe and practice democracy are kafirs (kafirs must be killed)
go to footnotes number 3.  Kafir and Infidel are interchangeable terms
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See how Alaska's KSKA Public Radio promotes Salafi's
as mainstream Muslims while at the same time
covering up their REAL activities

click here

Four important books
to understand the Salafi/Wahabi hijacking of Islam:

The Two Faces Of Islam,   by Stephen Schwartz
Written by a Jew who has recently become a Muslim.  Currently, this is the best source on the "hows and why's" of the Salafi/Wahabi "unexplainable," and only very recently, explosive growth worldwide.
At Amazon, click here

The Corruption of Moslem Minds
by Dr. Nader Pourhassan

A MUST MUST READ, written by Iranian born Muslim/American who returned to Iran very briefly to participate in Ayatollah Khomeni's war against the "Great Satan."  He was sent to America by his family to get educated with strong warnings to beware of the "Christians and the Jews."

This is probaby the best of all books now available to not only explain these two faces of Islam from the "inside," but also to present a very plausible explanation for all the various why's for how this came about.  But more importantly it clearly shows just how easy it could be to expose all the lies of Clerical Islam made so easy for them to promote by the vast pervasion of the uneducated in combination with state censorship through-out many Muslim regions.  Here is  the books introduction of itself followed by a few quotes.

A student in the United States, Dr. Pourhassan married a Catholic American woman. Their struggle to find common ground led to tension now and again - but was also one of the factors that prompted him to read the Koran for the first time. There he learned that most of the rules that he had been taught from childhood had nothing at all to do with the Koran, the prophet Mohammed, or God. Continuing his studies, he further learned that the Koran explicitly states God's love of Jews and Christians.

"In the Koran, it clearly states that ordinary men and women should read the Koran, and learn God's law," Dr. Pourhassan says, "but generations of corrupt Moslem leaders have destroyed its original message--the same message as that contained in the Bible and the Torah--and taught a perverse form of Islam intended chiefly to serve their own interests. At first, I was amazed to find out that the Koran says nothing about Moslem superiority, female inferiority or the use of aggression in the name of God--not to mention the many positive references it contains to Judaism and Christianity."

"My dear grandsons, I say goodbye to you with a very heavy heart. Please take care of yourselves in the United States, because it is a very bad country. The people there are Christians, and the most impure people there are. If they touch you, make sure you wash your hands, because Christians are impure in the eyes of God."

". . . I fell in love with a Catholic American woman whom I met while studying for my masters degree. My parents were less than impressed with the choice of my heart.  'Take her as a girlfriend to quench your lust,' was Mom's advice, 'and later I'll find you a real woman in Iran to be your wife." 
webmasters note:  The Salafi version of this marriage of deceptive intent for purposes of sex is known as a "Misyar" marriage. Read this amazingingly sick Fatawa (in english) by Salafi and once top cleric of Saudi Arabia,  Ibn Baz: click here

"As my studies of the Koran progressed, my conviction that the way Islam is practiced today has nothing in common with Muhammad's teachings grew. Initially, I searched desperately for confirmation that the laws I had been taught my whole life were indeed the same ones given to Muhammad by God. Instead, I reached the conclusion that they were drastically unrecognizably different. That the Islamic laws which had been branded into my soul since childhood were no more than the handiwork of men whose mission it was to advance their own power. It is for this reason that so many Moslem people in the world live in misery and suffer under barbaric systems of government and justice while their nations fail to develop economically."

". . .Moslems put all their faith in their spiritual leaders. They believe what they are told, and those who dare to argue are immediately considered to be corrupt non-believers. Similar trends can be observed in Judaism and Christianity."
At Barnes and Noble, click here
was several copies available at the Anchorage Store

My Jihad,    by Aukai  Collins
A white American Mujahideen who converted to Islam at eighteen, has fought on BOTH sides of the current struggle against terrorism.  Collins not only became acquainted with one of the hijackers, he was also invited by Usama Bin Laden to return to Afghanistan.  This intensely autobiographical narrative intimately relates the "Salafi Process."  It shows the step by little step deception; how such slick Goebells styled propaganda as the "Brief Illustrated Guide To Islam"; hijacks the humanist and justice and peaceful side that most Muslims, (sometimes imperfectly) strive for.  The science and reason and tolerance that were the halmarks of the Golden Age of Islam is presented as if this was the way of Salafi.  Collin's had a shocking awakening when American innocent tourists were murdered in Egypt; he went straight to FBI, WELL BEFORE 9-11, AND TRIED TO WARN THEM.  But as ANY tour of their "2nd and 3rd step" websites will show, science and reason and tolerance, LET ALONE PEACEFULLNESS,  are far far from the Salafi mindset.
At Borders online, click here
was several copies available at the Anchorage Store


In the Hands of the Taliban,    by Yvonne Ridley
Sorry, you can't even order this book in "free press" USA.  It is only available from  England.  Now WHY OH WHY is that!!!   (unless things have recently changed - I've tried).  Yvonne is that long well known and daring BBC female reporter who snuck into Afghanistan, was caught and imprisoned by the Taliban just before and DURING the first USA bombings, and was finally released.  (as were the 8 Christian aid workers, they were NOT rescued).  All 9, on returning to the free-world surprised the press from either having good things to say (especially feminist Yvonne) or just not as bad "as desired.")  Upon her return to England, Yvonne kept her promise to the Taliban to look into Islam.  She has recently become a convert (or revert as Muslims like to call it).  This is the story of her capture and captivity; which does a good job of showing how these "two faces of Islam" can be seen by visiting either  through a "back" or "front" door.  This webmaster was also one who was suprised by  his first visit, also through one of Islam's back doors.
At Amazon UK (only, now WHY is that), click here
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According to web logs many people are now visiting these links and exposing both the media's complicity in promoting terrorism by intentionally ignoring these newsworthy links, and also exposing the real people behind all these two-faced hate filled angry "muslims."