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"We could have made only one belief, but for each peoples we have appointed different laws and rites, so instead; compete in good works and argue kindly;  for there is no compulsion in religion."  Qur'an 2:256, 5:48, 22:37, 29:46
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and contemporaries like Shaikh Omar Abdel-Rahmaan (May Allah hasten his release) and Mujahid Ussama Bin Ladin (May Allah protect
him and grant him victory over the infidels).


Support the legitimate Islamist struggles around the globe with our preaching, our prayers, our money, and the lives of our sons.

On one campus I took 50 copies of a 40-page booklet that I published called "the Ladenese Epistle" and sold out in two hours.
The youth know and respect men like Ussama Bin Laden.

the punishment of recalcitrant groups, such as those that can only be brought under the sway of the Imam by a decisive fight. That then is the jihad against the unbelievers (kuffaar), the enemies of God and His Messenger.
For whoever has heard the summons of the Messenger of God, Peace be upon him, and has not responded to it, must be fought, "until there is no persecution and the religion is God’s entirely." [K., 2:193, 8:39]

He has emphasized this command and glorified jihad in many of the Medinese suras. He has criticized those who fail to participate in it and called them hypocrites and sick in their hearts.

for the death of a martyr is easier than any other form of death. On fact, it is the best of all manners of dying.

lawful warfare is essentially jihad and since its aim is that the religion is God’s entirely

If a rebellious group,
although belonging to Islam, refuses to comply with clear and universally accepted commands, all Muslims agree that jihad must be waged against them, in order that the religion will be God’s entirely.

"I have heard the Messenger of God, Peace be upon him, saying: ‘Towards the end of time a group will emerge, young of age and simple of minds, who will speak the most beautiful words, but whose faith does not go deeper than their throats. They will abandon the religion just like an arrow pierces and then abandons a game animal.
Wherever you will find them [these "Muslims"] you must kill them since those who kill them will be rewarded on the Day of Resurrection.’"

In another Tradition reported by Muslim it is said: "My community will fall apart into two parties. From amongst them there will emerge
[Muslim] heretics (maariqa). The party that is closest to truth will be in charge of killing them."

As for inhabitants of the territory of Islam who are not rebellious ]but refuse to carry out religious duties],
they must be forced to carry out their obligations such as the five fundamental duties of Islam and others like the delivering of trusts to their owners and the preserving of covenants in social relations.
There are 2,750 members of the Austin Texas Muslims E-Group.  I'm told they are part of the largest Mosque in Austin.  The e-group was founded on August 16, 2000. 
Below their group info they advertise the following two links as follows:

Al Bayan - The Revolution begins here! - "For those whose eyes are open"
The Con-spiracy site - Not for the faint-hearted! - "For those who oppose the System, by any means necessary"  (my emphasis added)

A newly converted Sister proudly forwarded me an article from the Guardian, which she received from this e-group.  Along with the news article were links to these two websites.  Most muslims probably never check out these links.  Below are pastes I've selected from both of these sites to save the time of those too busy.  She was SHOCKED when I alerted her. "I won't be going to THAT Mosque anymore!!!"

I think of myself as a devout Muslim.  I find the words below frightening and sick.  They do not represent myself, nor do I believe they represent the vast majority of this worlds Muslims.  Many of us have been notifying the media's and others of these "problems" of our co-religionist's for quite some time; some of us since way before 9-11. 
Why then does the media withhold such newsworthy information from you?  Is what you find below something you would rather NOT have known about?  Is the fact that many Muslims, either just barely tolerate these "other Muslims", or want NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with them; is that NOT newsworthy either???  Write your local media.  Call into your local talk shows and ask them why have they screened OUT these calls, repeatedly.
2,750 Texas Salafi's?     Who hate America?

And ALL non-Muslims?

And ALL Muslims who don't think like them?

Take a cut and paste tour of the words they speak: BEHIND YOUR BACK.
Check out their sites  for yourself and see if the pastes below are "out of context."
Why does the media NOT TELL YOU about these "people???"